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Square Link Insurance Group is a unique and independent insurance agent for Florida. We not only fully protect our customers, but also go above and beyond your typical insurance agency.

When working with Square Link Insurance Group, all of your private information is kept secure. Any sensitive information you provide to us will be highly guarded and encrypted so that no one else will have access to it.

You can count on us. From day one you can expect to know exactly how we are going to get the best insurance policies for you. We provide you with everything you need to be confident about the protection of your family and property. Square Link Insurance Group goes the extra mile to ensure you understand and get what you need, whether it is a full insurance review or a free Quote.


Square Link Insurance Group works with you and helps to keep you covered even after we find the right insurance policy for you. We provide you with a signed agreement that clearly describes:

  • Claim reporting procedures
  • How to communicate with your customer service representative
  • How to update your auto insurance with new vehicles
  • How to keep your insurance policies current
  • How and when policies are reviewed
  • Additional details relevant to your individual policies

We want your experience with us to be calming and stress-free. Through our trusted work on the insurance policies that you need to insure your home, business, automobiles, and everything else that you care about, we will make this process as easy as possible. Many of our employees are proud to say they have been with us for decades, and this shows through the dedication with which our company is run and managed. Square Link Insurance Group prides itself on an atmosphere that is helpful and enjoyable for our customers.

Keeping up with all aspects of a business in addition to other areas of your life can be difficult. Staying on top of your insurance policies, does not have to be one of the many tasks that you need to do for yourself. Square Link Insurance Group will gladly review your insurance coverage to find any gaps or red flags. We want the best for our customers and our annual insurance review adds only a few minutes to continue to protect you from a potential disaster.


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