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Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

No matter where you live, whether you own or rent, a homeowners insurance policy is a necessity for your peace of mind. A homeowners policy will pay to replace any household items or property that is damaged from a fire, flood, or other disaster. It also protects you from any lawsuit against you for an injury occurring on your property.


Not all insurance policies are the equal. We can help you determine which policy fits your needs. The quality of the homeowners insurance policy is based on who you get the insurance from and how the policy is written. There are two options for how the policy is written: named-perils or all-risk. The named-perils policy protects only the losses written on the contract. The all-risk policy protects everything unless it is written as exempt from coverage. While under the all-risk policy, if anything were to be lost or damaged, your insurance carrier, not you, must prove how the damage or loss was sustained.



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